The Legendary Geralt Of Rivia has Been Spotted in Fortnite, But How Can You Get Him?

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Players were made aware of Geralt of Rivia’s planned appearance in Fortnite more than two months ago. He was hinted at as a crossover character in the Chapter Four previews. He was among the final characters to arrive and has now been used in the Fortnite Battle Pass.

The Legendary Geralt Of Rivia has Been Spotted in Fortnite, But How Can You Get Him?

To acquire Geralt of Rivia in Fortnite, along with his sword, back bling, and a special emote, among other goodies, there are a few annoying objectives to finish. There are six tasks accessible right now, but it appears that more are on the way.

What is the Fortnite Bundle for Geralt’s Hidden?

The extent of what is concealed on The Witcher’s challenges on Fortnite’s second page is still being determined. But based on what we’ve already been given, we may confidently conclude that it’s some glider, and we already know that Geralt will soon have a new skin. A significant update launching on February 28th will fully disclose the second page of quests.

So how does one gain access to Geralt in Fortnite?

You must first buy the Battle Pass. With it, it is easier to tackle the challenges.

Geralt Of Rivia has Been Spotted in Fortnite_

The entire list of missions that you must complete to access Fortnite’s consistently amazing Geralt of Rivia is provided below:

  • To access the Loading Screen reward, activate Reality Augments in five separate games.
  • Three bounties must be completed to access the Spray prize.
  • To obtain the back bling with a Witcher motif, defeat a boss.
  • To obtain the Emote, Emote in the Citadel Throne Room.
  • Defeat 500 opponents with melee attacks to obtain the Steel Sword Pickaxe.

And lastly:

  • To unlock the real Geralt of Rivia, complete the tasks listed above.

The Witcher-themed items discovered in Chapter Four of the Season One Battle Pass will all be unlocked by the end of the season for Fortnite players.

Hunting is about to begin.

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