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Electronic Arts also presents a new CGI trailer Wild hearts. At the same time, nothing has changed on the release date (February 17) and the platforms (PS5 and Xbox Series X).

The press release contains additional information:

The trailer gives players a cinematic insight into the history of Wild hearts and depicts the fighters fighting against wild Kemono, such as the volcanic lava ridge. Whether hunting in the forests, on mountains and hills, or in the snow, players must learn to adapt the ancient and advanced karakuri mechanics to the environment in order to travel effectively and defend Azuma from the vicious Kemono.

In Wild hearts Players can roam Azuma as a lone wolf or hunt together in a pack with up to two friends thanks to the game’s coop and crossplay features across all platforms. They can expand their battle plans and play special missions as they hunt in packs, join other hunters around the world, or face the Kemono alone. The game has voices in German, English, Japanese, French, Italian and Spanish.

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