Google is rushing to respond to Microsoft and reveal the details of its AI projects

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In the midst of a battle against rival Microsoft, Google unveiled a number of improved AI features on Wednesday, but a mistake in an ad for its latest chatbot, “Bold,” cost it dearly to the stock market. In front of dozens of European journalists, the tech group demonstrated Giants’ augmented reality features, new 3D avatars it creates from its street photos, new capabilities for searching for information on photos, and a new art search app.

Google also announced that it had begun testing to integrate so-called generative AI into Internet searches, a day after Microsoft introduced a new beta version of its search engine, Bing, with its own algorithms and others associated with the chatbot,” GBT Chat”.

The American giant is trying to maintain its position after two decades of almost unchallenged dominance of this lucrative sector.

But astronomy experts tweeted that “Bard” had failed to announce the new software.

The ad shows an example of a question posed to Bard that read, “What discoveries recorded by NASA’s James Webb Telescope can I explain to my nine-year-old?”

Among the answers, said the AI ​​program, is that this telescope was the first system to photograph a planet outside the solar system, whereas the European Giant Telescope had done so earlier, in 2004.

The mistake caused the share price of Alphabet, the parent company of the Google group, to fall more than 7% on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday.

Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s search engine vice president, acknowledged before the bug appeared that the company “still needs extensive testing.”

– There is no “one right answer” – Three Google executives took part in the press conference in Paris, in an attempt to give an international and multilingual dimension to its projects based on artificial intelligence.

The company didn’t say how “cool” would be integrated into its search engine.

Prabhakar Raghavan believed that integrating AI software would usher in a “new era in search engines,” a phrase Microsoft chief Satya Nadella also used a day earlier.

But Raghavan refrained from referring to a time frame for launching a version dedicated to the public, reiterating that it would happen “within a few weeks”.

“It will happen when we are satisfied with the result,” he added, pointing out the many setbacks that ChatGBT and other AI systems have suffered, mainly due to sometimes silly or inappropriate answers.

He also stressed that the AI ​​will not provide “a correct answer,” noting that this will not discourage internet users from browsing other sites.

Analysts fear that the implementation of this software will reduce the amount of information and advertising revenue for all websites.

“We still want people to explore the internet,” said Elizabeth Reid, who is also head of the search engine, “people will always want information from people they can identify with.”

– A tight race – Google also didn’t say whether its AI program would reference the sources of its answers and acknowledged that current AI technology doesn’t guarantee 100% correct answers.

The group stressed that it did not give in to pressure from Microsoft and the global success of “Chat GPT” to speed up the announcement of its steps.

Company officials explained that Google has been working on artificial intelligence for years, noting that there hasn’t been any “certain event” that has prompted the company to announce its steps in this field now.

The technology sector is seeing a frantic race between several international companies, from Google and Microsoft of the Americas to China’s Baidu, to produce its own chatbot, a program capable of conducting a conversation similar to a dialogue between humans, answering the questions that are posed quite accurately, and even write novels or poems in seconds.

For its part, the Chinese e-commerce giant ‘Alibaba’ announced on Thursday that it is working on designing its own AI-based conversation tool, in an attempt to compete with the American ‘Chat GBT’ system, which has gained widespread popularity.

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