GPT Chat is about to pass an American medical exam

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The “ChatGBT” program that generates texts using artificial intelligence scored in the United States close to what is needed to pass a difficult medical exam, was highly successful and made waves for its ease, according to a study released Thursday. of use and its ability to conduct a conversation similar to a dialogue between humans, to answer questions asked quite accurately, and even to write novels or poems in seconds.

As part of the study, published in the journal ‘Plus Digital Health’, researchers from the company ‘Ansible Health’ tested the program’s performance in an exam that is usually taken for medical students in the United States and includes questions in various fields, such as scientific knowledge, clinical reasoning, bioethics, and so on.

This exam, known as the “Medical Licensing Examination in the United States”, is divided into three parts: the student takes the first after about two years of study, the second after four years, while the third must be passed in order to practice medicine.

ChatGBT was tested on 350 of the 376 questions posted on the US Medical Licensing Examination website that were included in the June 2022 exam. Those based on images were excluded.

The questions were divided into three types, one of which is open-ended (“What is the diagnosis for this patient in light of the information provided?”), and others that can be answered by a set of prompts without the need for explanation (” Which of the following is the most appropriate next step for follow-up?”), and a third category for which the answer can be chosen from a series of reasoned suggestions (“What is the most likely cause of nocturnal patient symptoms? Explain what you based your answer on).

Two examiners corrected the “Chat GPT” answers and put up grades, while a third sorted out the differences between them.

The percentage of correct answers to GPT Chat ranged between 52.4% and 75%, noting that the percentage generally required to pass the exam is 60%.

The study concluded that “+ChatGBT+ is close to the margin of success”.

Lucía Ortiz de Zarate, a researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid, said this study shows “the potential of artificial intelligence in the medical field”. And she believed it “could be helpful for physicians as they undertake diagnosis and prescribe treatment.”

Another study conducted last January showed that Chat GBT could pass the exams of a US law school, even if it finished last in the ranking of successful students.

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