Harmony: The Fall of Reverie revealed for PS5, XSX and Switch

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Don’t Nod, creators of Life is strange And Tell me whyannounces Harmony: The Fall of Reverie for PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch with a first trailer. The release is scheduled for June and additional information can be found in the press release:

Harmony: the fall of reverie is a new narrative title from DON’T NOD. Players are able to foresee the future and make the best decisions for themselves. With this they try to restore the balance between our world and Reverie, the world of the gods. You’ll meet a cast of likable characters in a captivating story rich in lore. The game is colorful, vibrant and futuristic, accompanied by a soundtrack by awardwinning composer Lena Raine.

In the very near future… megacorporation MK uses its power to oppress the inhabitants of the Mediterranean city of Alma. Polly returns home after an absence of several years and sets out to find her missing mother. She soon realizes how negative her hometown has become.

She soon realizes she has a talent for clairvoyance that links her to the alien world of Reverie, home to humanity’s aspirations: glory, bliss, power, chaos, bondage, and truth. Polly becomes the goddess Harmony, who has the power to decide which of the ambitions will ultimately rule Reverie. There is a delicate balance between our world and Reverie that becomes increasingly unstable. It is Harmonie and Polly’s job to restore balance between the world of ambitions and ours.

The fate of humanity is at stake. What fate are you striving for?

A unique narrative mechanic

Each of Polly and Harmonie’s choices affects both worlds and opens up new storylines. The mantics, a game board and the visual representation of Polly’s psychic powers allow players to see into the future. There they investigate the consequences of possible decisions for humanity, which helps them make forwardlooking decisions and provides clarity. This unique mechanism also gives the game a high replay value.

Oskar Guilbert, CEO of DON’T NOD, says: “We are delighted Harmony: the fall of reverie to be revealed on the Nintendo Direct. It is a narrative unique game with incredible art direction. We hope players will find the title captivating, refreshing and strongly drawn to its unique story. We can’t wait to show more of the game.”

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