Microsoft-Activision, Bobby Kotick won’t leave Activision if acquisition doesn’t go through

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After the CMA’s initial negative results, Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, said he wants to complete a deal with Microsoft worth about $69 billion: if the antitrust authority finally rejects the offer, Kotik will stay with the company. and will not relinquish his role.

According to Fox Business, Kotick himself would have confirmed his intentions even in the event of a negative outcome. In fact, the acquisition has been rejected by the CMA for the time being as it could hurt English gamers due to possible future price increases or small innovations in the sector. Not ruling out a sharp drop in competition from competitors in important areas such as consoles and related services, and therefore, after the first verdict, still preliminary, Microsoft would say that it has about half of Sony’s monthly active users.

Now, doubts about the future of the market are highlighted in a sixteen-page CMA document if the takeover goes ahead.

When it comes to games, Xbox and PlayStation are direct competitors, and as such, video games like Activision’s Call of Duty play a fundamental role in the competition. Microsoft, once the deal is done, could make Call of Duty an Xbox exclusive or offer more solutions than the PlayStation version.

We currently believe that this situation will eventually lead to competition, and as a result, consumers may lose out due to issues such as higher prices, less choice, lack of innovation, poor quality and services.

Despite claims and hesitation from the organization, Microsoft/Activision lawyer Rima Alaily said that due to the existing pre-contract documents, Call of Duty will also remain available for other consoles and, therefore, according to reports, prices, quality and services will be the same in the next few years. and it will not weaken competition with competitors in the market.

At the end of April, the CMA will give its final say for or against the acquisition: some rumors claim that Bobby Kotick himself and an important member of the Microsoft team, presumably Phil Spencer or company president Brad Smith, will travel to England to once again discuss the situation before the final antitrust ruling .

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