NTDP announces that the Airport App has joined the Billionaires Program

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The National Information Technology Development Program, represented by CEO Ibrahim Niaz, announced “Airport App” to join the Billionaire Enterprises Program, after achieving the program goals, to be among the 35 technology companies in rapid growth that have demonstrated their willingness to engage in new local and international markets, on the sidelines of the LEAP The Technician conference, in its second edition, underway in the capital Riyadh, entitled “Towards new horizons”, in implementation of the signed agreement during the Misk Global Forum 2022, between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Mohammed bin Salman “Misk” Foundation and the National Program for the Development of Information Technology.

The selection of the “Airport Application” in the “Billion Street” occurred after the application proved its great success in the Saudi market in a short period of time due to its high technical ability to keep up with the development and meeting customer goals, which has enabled it to expand in preparation for entering global markets and catching up with competition.

Under the agreement, the billionaire company program will enable the airport application to access a dedicated ecosystem, provide dedicated trainers, additional training and advisory support for six months as part of growth and raise investments in the post-pass phase of the program. The program will also accelerate the company’s growth by providing advice on market expansion, mergers and acquisitions, communication with industry and labor experts, as well as governance and compliance guidelines, access to strategic investors locally and internationally, and access to global capital.

“Airport App” co-founder and CEO Ayman Saleh Basalamah explained that choosing the airport app to be among the billionaire companies represents an added value for the company, especially with the nature of the services provided by the application to the customers, particularly after the expansion that will create more opportunities for the company, indicating the services it will obtain. The technical team for the application, and connecting it with the necessary resources and networks that achieve large growth and rapid expansion, providing direction strategy on globally in preparation for the company to become a “billionaire”.

For his part, ‘Airport App’ co-founder Faisal Al-Rajhi said that the airport application will accordingly broaden its geographical scope to include several countries at the level of the Gulf countries as a first stage, based on the wishes and needs of customers, to reach the Arab and international countries in the near future, which will make the airport application a global choice in the field of travel and tourism, which will achieve the program objectives, bringing the market value of the company to at least one billion dollars.

Interestingly, “Airport Application”, a brand specializing in travel customers, is a Saudi company specializing in the tourism and travel industry, and is the fastest growing application in the past three years, and more than five million clients benefit from its services in the Kingdom and works to provide travel and data services to any place in the world.

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