Dark Mirror Coming to PlayStation Plus Premium Revealed in Trophy List

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A list of PlayStation trophies for the video game Bend Studio (Days Gone) Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror has surfaced online, suggesting the title will soon appear in the Premium catalog of a PlayStation Plus subscription.

It’s unclear when the third-person stealth game released for PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2 in 2006 will join Sony’s top tier of subscriptions, which also recently added demos for F1 Manager 2022 and Marvel’s Midnight Suns to its offering.

However, if you’re interested, you can in the meantime take a look at the list of trophies leaked online and shown below, given that the Italian translation is not official.

  • best agent [bronzo]: Complete all training missions.
  • These are the coordinates sent by Ellis. [bronzo]: Complete “Insert Alpha Point”.
  • Interrogation is over [bronzo]: Complete Red Jack.
  • What is the Red Section doing here? [bronzo]: Complete Finding Freeman.
  • Energy is back [bronzo]: Complete Man Without Power.
  • New uplink installed [bronzo]: Complete the Freeman Files.
  • Grounded. Forever [argento]: Complete the mission “Under the noses of NORAD”.
  • This bomb was really badly designed [argento]: Complete “Security Section D”.
  • Oil and blood [argento]: Complete Kreisler’s Garden.
  • The Dark Mirror will kill us all [argento]: Complete Freeman’s Answer.
  • Like in the old days [argento]: Complete “Old Friends”.
  • I remember many things [argento]: Complete “Memories”.
  • It couldn’t be that easy [argento]: Complete Forged in Flame.
  • You are already attracting too much attention. [argento]: Complete Traitors Among Us.
  • A broken building won’t stop me [argento]: Complete the quest “Last Victim”.
  • We need more weapons [argento]: Complete “Trojan Horse”.
  • Reference point and singularity [argento]: Complete the quest “A Fistful of Rubles”.
  • His failure will cost us all dearly. [oro]: Complete the “Meet Destiny” quest.
  • Similar fates [oro]: Complete “Into the Abyss”.
  • Shock to the system [oro]: Complete the “Red Section”.
  • destroy everything [oro]: Complete Drowning.
  • Beginning of the End [oro]: Complete “Event Horizon”.
  • Let them go [oro]: Complete “The End of History”.

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