Starfield, PopeArt Unveils Special Bethesda-Dedicated Xbox Controller

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PopeArt has also decided to create a dedicated Xbox fan controller dedicated to Starfield, a video game poised to debut exclusively on Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC in 2023.

While waiting for Bethesda to finally announce the game’s official release date through a special event, the acclaimed artist mentioned above took to Twitter to share his new creation, modifying the Xbox controller in a spectacular fashion, with iconic colors for the production. Created by a development team led by Todd Howard.

In fact, looking at this fan-made controller, we can see a clear predominance of white, with fine details highlighted in bright red. We also note a small gem that we really liked: on the back of the tablet, there is a Starfield logo in the center of the battery compartment.

The Xbox controller made by PopeArt can be found below:

If you liked the artist’s latest creation, we suggest you also take a look at PopeArt’s Hogwarts Legacy-themed Xbox controllers, and here you’ll find four Harry Potter-themed DualSenses.

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