Game Trailers: Apex Legends Trailer for the new season’s Battle Pass

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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have released a trailer for the new season’s Battle Pass Apex Legends. As you know, this is called “Festival” and starts tomorrow.

For more information, see the related press release:

Players can show off their skills at level 25 with Crypto’s Technocrat skin and make a splash at level 50 with Valkyrie’s Heartbeat Harmonist. Also expect the legendary G7 Scout “Fevery Frequency” and epic skins for Bloodhound, Mirage, and Loba. Players can complete the Festivity Battle Pass to unlock the Headliner and Afterparty reactive Mastiff skins, as well as new music packs, loading screens, emotes, badge frames, and charms.

Apex Legends is available for all current systems.

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