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Pizza Tycoon Available for Xbox

Pizza Tycoon - Available for Xbox

Assemble Entertainment let us know Pizza magnate is now also available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Previously, the title was only available for PC.

The full info drone comes with the accompanying press release:

Make them a pizza they can’t refuse!

In the economic simulation Pizza magnate In addition to the proven basic ingredients, you can also expect a concentrated load of hot extra toppings! Work your way up from a humble pizza chef on the streets of Rome to the owner of the most successful pizza chain in the world in a challenging campaign!

Show your competitors how to best sell pizza and create a unique taste experience for your customers who visit each of your restaurants. It is entirely up to you whether you achieve this through targeted advertising and good pizza in fancy shops or whether you occasionally cross the sharp edge of legality with the help of sabotage and gun violence.

It’s time again to enrich the world with delicious pizzas and to redefine good taste.


  • Has no one invented your favorite pizza yet? Vegan, pure vegetarian or meat combined with meat? Make your pizzas with the legendary Pizza Creator and over 75 different ingredients!
  • The single player campaign with 12 missions lets you rise step by step from the little pizza chef in Rome to the biggest pizza magnate in the world.
  • From Sydney to Berlin to Washington DC: conquer the world’s great metropolises with your own pizza chain and discover their unique variety of flavors!
  • Furnish your restaurants according to your wishes: floor plan, furniture, staff, decoration. There is also an interior designer in every pizza baker.
  • Reach your customers with targeted advertising and make use of market analyzes and sophisticated marketing strategies.
  • Eliminate your competitors with the most aggressive ingredients, including sabotage and bribery.
  • The free mode offers a varied alternative to the campaign. You alone can determine numerous parameters such as seed capital, number of inhabitants, competitors and more and thus create your own challenges.

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