Starfield, launch date listed on GOG Galaxy

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Starfield, one of the most anticipated video games of this year, will finally have a release date: June 29, 2023. You can find the date in question on the game’s page on the GOG Galaxy platform, as seen in the tweet. below.

While Microsoft has done a great job of keeping Starfield’s release date under wraps, numerous rumors, including that of journalist Jez Corden, have suggested that the game will be released in June, or even during the summer.

In addition, the date chosen could confirm rumors that both Sony and Microsoft are planning to hold their own conferences around the time of E3, in which they will not be attending.

However, in the absence of official reports, it can also be assumed that this is just a placeholder, both given the proximity to the end of Microsoft’s fiscal year (June 30) and because the date has been reported on Reddit for some time now. .

Also, while according to Corden, the game has been out for weeks, there’s nothing stopping Microsoft from making the decision to delay the launch for any reason, as is often the case with many ambitious titles in the polishing phase.

We look forward to further news in the coming weeks.

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