Zero Fire M2’s next shoot ’em up duo announced

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In one of their now infamous live streams on Friday, February 10, Japanese developer M2 announced the third installment in the Toaplan Arcade Garage series. After Kyukyoku Tiger Helicopter And Hishou Same! seed! seed! M2 now brings two more Toaplan classics to modern consoles, this time switching from vertical to horizontal format: the one previously only roughly announced for a 2023 release No fire contains the arcade shoot ’em ups hellfire (1989) and Zero wing (also 1989) the latter enjoys cult status in Europe and the US thanks to the introduction of the megadrive port, which was legendarily mistranslated: “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” was one of the first internet memes ever.

But the two shoot’emups are also still impressive in terms of gameplay, and the M2typical extensions in particular should make them very acceptable even for nongenre pros. As little is known about specific expansions as about this time’s bonus game and the target platforms, the first two Toaplan arcade garageReleases appeared on PS4 and Switch. Nothing is known about other console variants either: we’re assuming ports for Mega Drive will be included again and would be very happy if the versions for the PC engine were also on board.

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