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Death Stranding 2: If Elle Fanning turned down the role, Kojima would rewrite part of the game

Hideo Kojima returns to talk about Death Stranding 2, highlighting the importance of El Fanning in the video game. During the Brain Structure podcast, the director of the game said that if the actress turned down the role, she would have to rewrite entire episodes. From what has come to light, the character is entirely based on Elle Fanning and her off-set behavior: so the presence of the actress will be fundamental to the Death Stranding sequel.

Although Kojima said he couldn’t share important details, during a podcast available on Spotify, as always, the author explained some of the backstories of the script for the game that will be released on the PlayStation 5. Kojima was able to replicate how he just created the character played by Elle Fanning . thought about the same actress and, therefore, a possible refusal on her part would change the cards on the table.

The actress had the opportunity to talk about the work done, approaching the definition of a higher-level motion capture and, although Fanning is already amazed at the result, Kojima promised that the finished work would be much better.

With Death Stranding 2, Kojima aims to surprise fans and make all the gamers who criticized the first game change their minds. In past interviews, the game director said that a few years ago it would have been impossible to make a game because of the tools available. Obviously, the announcements that have been made over time have excited fans more and more, at this point we know that the development of the game is going exactly as Kojima thought, and therefore there is nothing left to do but wait for further news.

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