Call of Duty is the main reason why gamers choose PlayStation over Xbox

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A few days ago, CMA revealed in a survey that Call of Duty is the main reason players decide to buy a PlayStation console over an Xbox. So the UK competition authority has revealed how much of the public decides to get their hands on a Sony Interactive Entertainment gaming machine instead of a Microsoft machine, not for exclusives, as one might expect, but for Activision Blizzard’s famous shooters.

This is a fact that surprised quite a few gamers on the internet who are convinced that the main reason why the public chooses this or that console is based on the exclusives available on the platform at the moment. But as the CMA report shows, most PS5 users bought a console for CoD, not God of War or The Last of Us. But why is all this happening? Well, actually the answer is easy to say!

In addition to the undeniable recognition and fame of the PlayStation brand, according to Gamingbible, many users are encouraged to buy a Sony console to play Call of Duty with a lot of bonuses that include exclusively the console versions of the Japanese giant.

This is the reason players buy Call of Duty on PlayStation as they are basically the best console versions available on the market. And from this point of view, it is not surprising that Sony is extremely concerned about the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, for fear of losing exclusive content for the next chapters of CoD.

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