High-risk safety notice on Apple products

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The National Cybersecurity Advisory Center has issued a warning about the dangers to Apple products. These posts contain security warnings, including digital vulnerabilities, cyber attacks and technical updates, and are rated according to their sensitivity.

Apple has released several updates to address a number of vulnerabilities in its products and the company recommends updating products to the following versions:

iOS 16.3.1 and iPadOS 16.3.1

Available for the following products:

iPhone 8 and later

iPad Pro (all models)

iPad Air 3rd generation and beyond

Fifth generation iPad and later

iPad mini 5th generation and later

Safari 16.3.1

Available for the following products:

macOS Big Sur

macOS Monterey

MacOS Ventura 13.2.1

Available for the following products:

macOS Adventure


The ability of an application to execute code with elevated kernal rights.

– Ability to execute code thanks to the processing of specially prepared web content

The ability for an application to read unprotected user information

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