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Game Trailers: PlayStation VR2 teardown videos show the inner workings of the goggles and controller

So that no one has to unscrew the expensive accessories themselves out of sheer desperation, Sony has made two videos showing the innards of PlayStation VR2 and the accompanying Sense controllers:

In the PS VR2 headset video, Takamasa Araki of the Mechanical Design Team explains how he and his team developed the balanced and symmetrical internal structure, the improved cooling system for comfortable gameplay, the optics with impressive graphics quality and the ergonomic headband for maximum comfort. . He also explains how the headset was designed to be light and compact while still retaining its highquality, robust structure.


The second video is about the PS VR2 Sense controller. Takeshi Igarashi of the Peripheral Design Team discusses the controller’s tracking technology, which makes for a highly immersive experience. These include the touch detection sensor that allows for more natural gestures when gaming, as well as the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that build on the innovative DualSense wireless controller.

The start of sales is still February 22 and so far there are no signs if or when you can get PlayStation VR2 anywhere in Germany other than from Sony itself PlayStation Direct store.

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