New Gaming Controller from RiotPWR Features Both Lightning and USB-C Connections

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The RiotPWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS, which is compatible with both Lightning and USB-C devices, was announced by RiotPWR, a company well-recognized for its range of gaming controller accessories for Apple devices.

RiotPWR Launches New Dual Lightning and USB-C Gaming Controlle r_

With Lightning and USB-C connections included, the new RiotPWR controller may be used with iPads and iPhones with USB-C or Lightning ports. It will also be useful if, as expected, Apple switches to USB-C for the 2023 iPhone series.

“Although competitors’ controllers support Lightning and USB-C connections, their architecture restricts consumers to just one type of connection. As a result, iOS gamers would have to purchase a new controller to play on their next Apple devices, such as iPads, “explained RiotPWR CEO Fraser Townley. “With our unique, swappable, upgradeable connection design, RiotPWR has always prioritized future-proofing while creating our controllers.”

RiotPWR Launches New Dual Lightning and USB-C Gaming Controlle r_

The RiotPWR controller, modeled after console controllers, has two joysticks, Xbox-style button selections, and an eight-way D-pad. Your device’s battery may be fully charged with passthrough charging, and a phone mount is compatible with any phone case.

Along with an audio DAC and headphone connection, there is a built-in share button for social media or streaming and recording gameplay.

The RiotPWR Cloud Gaming Controller is available on the Apple website for $70.

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