Returnal posted a comparison video between PS5, PC and Steam Deck

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El Analista de Bits wasted no time and promptly posted a comparison video between different versions of Returnal, analyzing video games on PS5, Steam Deck and PC. And judging by comparison, the PC version represents a significant improvement in the technical sector, hence it is considered an absolutely valuable port developed by Housmarque Games.

  • PS5: 2560x1440p/60fps (restored from 1080p)
  • Steam Deck: Low Settings | 1280x800p with FSR
  • PC: Maximum settings | RT ON | 3840x2160p | i9 12900K | 16GB DDR4 / 32GB DDR5 | RTX 4080/4070Ti/3080/3070Ti/3060Ti/3050

El Analista de Bits then stated that Returnal on PC received many visual improvements over PS5, given that textures, particle effects, post-processing effects, lights and shadows are better represented on the Sony console on the new platform.

The content creator clarified that he tested the PC version of the game with Selena also with 16 GB of DDR4 memory, while Housemarque Games recommends 32 GB, and despite this, the result is satisfactory. Given the result, he recommends using a PC with 32 GB of RAM only if you are going to play at the maximum, with 4K resolution and active ray tracing.

The PC version adds ray tracing for some shadows and reflections. This option also adds extra puddles that aren’t there if you disable RT. Steam Deck performance is not good enough. On all low settings, the framerate during combat drops below 30fps. This is why El Analista de Bits advises against playing Returnal on this platform.

The comparison video ends with a statement that Returnal is the game with the most differences and visual improvements of any PC port made by Playstation Studios.

If you want to know any information about the game, we advise you to read our review.

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