Saudi Arabia is likely to be among the five largest global markets in which Manage Engine operates

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Manage Engine, the information technology management arm of Zoho Corporation, said the Kingdom is likely to be among the top five markets the company operates in worldwide over the next three years. Saudi Arabia is already Manage Engine’s largest market in the Middle East and North Africa region, reporting a 40% growth in its revenue for the year 2022 while the number of customers increased by 35% during that period .

The increase in demand is mainly attributed to Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which has encouraged institutions and companies to rapidly adopt solutions that enable them to achieve their digital transformation goals. This major shift is supported by advanced technologies such as analytics capabilities, artificial intelligence, automation, and more.

In this regard, Rajesh Ganesan, President of Manage Engine, said, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is trying to achieve very ambitious goals represented by setting advanced standards for the future in various areas such as sustainability, community health, the protection of the environment and others through the effective use of technology. To achieve these objectives, every organization operating in the public or private sector in the Kingdom is able to adopt advanced technologies, as well as ensuring its ability to manage the application and the use of these technologies in order to achieve operational efficiency and the best return on investment. The Manage Engine platform is the ideal choice for organizations facing this challenge.”

It is worth noting that the recent study “Information Technology in Business: 2022 and Beyond” conducted by Manage Engine, highlights a number of important figures and facts relating to the most important technologies attracting investments. Approximately 97% of business decision makers say their organizations have invested in AI and machine learning technologies and are using them in more than one way. Unsurprisingly, automation is at 57%, while the percentage of organizations using AI to fight cyber attacks is 61%.

Commitment to local customers

With over 18 years of experience working in Saudi Arabia, Manage Engine renews its commitment to the Kingdom’s institutions, having worked with over 2,000 clients to date, most of them in the government, banking and insurance sectors.

Manage Engine works with two main partners: Al-Nafida (Platinum level) and Computer Technology Support Foundation (Gold level) and a number of other partners with the aim of providing information technology management solutions in the Kingdom markets. And it works

The company continuously provides the necessary training to its partners and equips them with the necessary technical knowledge to help customers in Saudi Arabia achieve their ambitious goals.

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