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The Number of Players Actively Playing Multiversus has Dropped by 99% Since its Release


It has been noted recently that, in the seven months since the game’s release, the proportion of the MultiVersus community that plays the game on Steam has decreased by more than 99%. Less than 1,000 peak daily players are currently being reported on Steam, which may indicate how the game is doing on other platforms.

MultiVersus’ all-time high player count, as reported by SteamCharts.com, was 153,044 at the time of the game’s initial release. At one time in January, there were only 230 gamers actively playing the game, a 99.8% decrease.

MultiVersus had a lot of potentials, and as the game’s life cycle ended in front of our eyes, it had the potential for an unlimited number of crossovers. But only one new character has been added to the game since November 15th. The start of Season Three, which would have likely introduced additional new characters, has been postponed until March 31st.

It was doomed from the moment MultiVersus went live. Players were quick to criticize the Smash Bros. clone, focusing particularly on the paywall that stood steadfast in front of several top-tier character skins, despite Warner Bros. stating that more than twenty million downloads were registered at launch. Even completing the basic battle pass is a dangerously drawn-out grind for which most players still need to develop a taste.

MultiVersus is in serious trouble due to the rise of rival games like Brawlhalla and the outrage from the modding community that the DMCA receives for its actions.

One of the first reports of the news, TrueAchievements, has reported that a decline of about 96% in players has been seen on Xbox platforms, according to VideoGamesChronicle.com.

MultiVersus appears to be stuck in its current state due to a drastically diminished player base, hostility from the public, delays in upgrades, and a dearth of new characters.

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