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Assemble Entertainment also shows a new trailer Between horizons. This provides the first details of the story.

The full information tree then provides the corresponding press release:

Publishers Assemble Entertainment and DigiTales Interactive, the development studio behind the indie hit gap (“Best German game”), reveal the first details Between horizons in the developer commentary video released today. Between horizons is as before gap, a scifi detective adventure about solving cases, uncovering a conspiracy and making important decisions. This year, the gaming community’s moral compass is once again put to the test, because Between horizons will be released in 2023 on Steam, GOG, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Between horizons is about protagonist Stella, who takes over her late father’s job as “Chief of Security” on the generation ship Zephyr after a tragic accident. Shortly after her father’s accident, dangerous conflicts arise and a great plot begins. Stella must make important decisions before the situation on board escalates completely. She bears the fate of the middle generation of the ship’s inhabitants so she was born on the Zephyr and will remain there for the rest of her life. So Stella does not belong to the generation that will colonize the new Earth. Will this fact influence your decisions?

Of gap the young indie studio DigiTales Interactive from Saarland has delivered a real surprise hit in the adventure area. gap has been rewarded with awards, a current Metascore of 86 and currently 93% positive Steam reviews. After the successful PC launch, the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions followed. Founded by Jasmin Pfeiffer and Julian Colbus, DigiTales catapulted itself into the detective game genre as a new, innovative studio with fresh ideas and an extremely wellrounded implementation. Now the studio is revealing the first details about the story in the new developer commentary Between horizons. Many similarities immediately stand out gap: a conspiracy in an original scifi setting, modernized detective gameplay and appealing pixel art, rounded off with atmospheric music composed by Digitales cofounder Julian Colbus (“Bester Sound”). Like already inside gap is in Between horizons the story continues even if evidence on a case is incorrectly submitted. Choices here also affect the game’s ending, challenging the moral compass of tough decisions. Thus, the decisions of the players will again affect the ending of the game and question the moral compass in difficult decisions.

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