Game Trailers: Theatrhythm Final Bar Line the musical launch trailer

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Square Enix also presents the distinctly musical launch trailer Theatrhythm last barline. This suits us well for the title.

The press release provides more information:

Square Enix is ​​pleased to announce the release of THEATRHYTHM LAST MEASURE LINE to announce the latest installment in the hit rhythmic action series for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The base game contains 385 tracks from around the world FINAL FANTASYseries, three game modes, local and online multiplayer and over 100 FINAL FANTASYCharacters players can use to create the team of their dreams. It allows fans to enjoy the legendary music of the FINAL FANTASY Enjoy series like never before.

In addition to the standard edition of the game with 385 tracks, there is also the digital deluxe edition and the premium digital deluxe edition, which provide access to additional tracks from wellknown Square Enix games. These editions include:

  • Digital Deluxe Edition: All Standard Edition songs plus 27 additional tracks and Season Pass 1 with songs from the SagaQueue, LIVE ALIVE, The world ends with you and the KidneyQueue. 442 numbers in total.
  • Premium Digital Deluxe Edition: All issues of the Standard Edition plus 27 additional issues and season passes 13 with issues of the KidneyQueue, OCTOPATE TRAVELERthe manaQueue, Xenogears and other games. A total of 502 numbers.

Postrelease, DLC packs will continue to add tracks from Square Enix’s extensive library to the game. Included in Season Passes 13, these provide players with plenty of content to look forward to as they embark on this magical, musical journey.

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