Modern Warfare 2, the best equipment for the KV Salvo rifle in season 2

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The best gear for the KV Volley rifle in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 can let you make the most of one of the newly introduced weapons. This shotgun is already a good candidate for players’ preference as a melee weapon, and good customization can make it even better.

Here is the best kit for KV Broadside as listed by Charlie Intel:

  • Barrel: Gunner D20
  • Muzzle: Improvised Bryson Choke
  • Bolts: Dashbolt 60
  • Stock: VLC No stock
  • Store: 25 Shell drums

These accessories are designed to increase both the range and accuracy of the rifle, as well as increasing the rate of fire. We also monitor the movement speed of the weapon wielding character to quickly get to the enemies we are chasing.

Here is also the best set of skills and tactical weapons for KV Volley:

  • Skill 1: Overreaction
  • Specialty 2: Trained hand
  • Bonus Specialty: Quick Hands
  • Ultimate Specialty: Ghost
  • Tactical equipment: drilling charge
  • Lethal Gear: Flashbang Grenade

As a reminder, to unlock the KV Volley rifle, you only need to complete section B4 of the Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Battle Pass. The weapon is a free reward, so no microtransactions are required.

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