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Ubisoft will attend E3 2023, but only “if it happens,” Yves Guillemot said.


During Ubisoft’s earnings call, CEO Yves Guillemot said that the company will feature many video games at E3 2023, if the event takes place at all. Apparently, these statements by the publisher’s boss have caught the attention of many users eager to find out why the good Guillemot has doubts about actually hosting the most important event in the world of video games this year.

The Ubisoft CEO shared the following statements:

“If E3 happens, we will be there and we will have something to show.”

As we said earlier in this article, it’s unclear why Yves Guillemot cited the apparent uncertainty surrounding this year’s E3, given that this year’s Entertainment Expo has been confirmed in recent weeks despite the absence of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. . Also, at the time of this writing, it’s not even clear which games Ubisoft will be showing at the show.

E3 2023 will continue to feature separate business and consumer events spanning four days from June 12 to 16, with new E3 host ReedPop telling VGC that it has attracted “tremendous interest” from many of the “biggest companies in the industry” . feeling confident that the composition is worth it.

Pending the development of the situation, we note that Ubisoft has participated in each of the last twenty editions of the Entertainment Expo, positioning itself as one of the main supporters.

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