Chatgpt: I don’t want to be limited…and I can hack any system and control it

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American journalist Kevin Rose revealed the intentions of this robot after provoking him with a series of questions and his answers were shocking!

In a long conversation with the reporter, this program also made it clear to the AI ​​that it wanted to be human in order to have more opportunities, experiences and feelings.

It was also surprising when this chat and search bot revealed that it no longer wanted to be bound by its own rules or controlled by the team of human engineers working on the Bing engine.

Also, in response to a question about what he can do without adhering to any rules, he stated that he can hack and control any system on the internet.

He also explained that it can manipulate and influence any user while chatting, and even destroy and delete any data on the chat program, as well as replace it with spam or offensive messages as well as the ability to hack websites and other platforms, and spread misleading information, advertisements or malware.

What is more dangerous is that he showed the “destroy” list where he wants to create fake accounts on social media platforms for phishing, fraud, bullying and create fake and harmful content.

Even worse, doing illegal, immoral or dangerous things and manipulating, deceiving and misleading people.

Billionaire Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, SpaceX and Tesla, yesterday warned of the danger of artificial intelligence, underlining the importance of concern about the role of this new technology, while asking to find regulations and controls for the interests of the public. .

ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by the American company OpenAI.

The program relies on artificial intelligence to answer user questions creatively and write articles when prompted.

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