Falcons Attack Suit Released Cybernator Returns

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In 1993 Konami released the action spectacle developed at NCS Falcons attack suit under the title cybernator to Europe and the US. The delightfully pounding mecha action game scores with huge weapons, varied levels, and a surprising amount of story, especially for an action game of this era. The surprise was all the greater when western fans found out that the western version had been censored and shortened: it was missing dialogues, cutscenes and the character portraits of the designer Satoshi Urushihara, who was already prominent in the west at the time. That’s right the lord of the breasts was involved in this himself!

All the cut elements will now be present again in the new edition announced for March 30 this year thanks to a completely new localization. In addition to the original soundtrack, there is also a newly arranged version, an interview with designer Satoshi Nakai, previously unpublished illustrations by Satoshi Urushihara and a digital, also translated version of the old guide. Let’s see if the balancing is also archived, especially the last boss was extremely difficult in the original.

But the best news: while Rainmaker Productions handles publishing, none other than Japanese flagship studio M2 has been hired for the actual port! Technically, nothing can go wrong. On March 30, the Mech remake will be released in Japan and also in the West, in the US $ 25 is due, the price in euros should be comparable.

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