Game Trailers: Battlefield 2042 Fourth Season Introduced

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Electronic Arts and DICE have released the fourth season of Battlefield 2042 presented in more detail. This is called “Eleventh Hour” and starts on February 28.

The full information tree then provides the corresponding press release:

In Season 4, the battle shifts to South Africa, where players go headtohead on the new Flashpoint map. The region’s rocky landscapes allow vehicles to roam outside and take cover, while the spacious interiors including an underground tunnel provide opportunities for closequarters combat on foot and in vehicles.

The newest specialist of Battlefield 2042 is ambush expert Camila “Blasco” who uses her recon training and her own tactical gear to move without activating motion sensors. Your X6 infiltration device prevents acquisition by enemy devices, disrupts active sensing technology and creates dead zones. It shows enemy techs within range until they are destroyed or disabled.

Season 4 also expands the arsenal of weapons, vehicles and gadgets. The new Super 500 shortrange pumpaction shotgun is a compact handgun originally intended only for breakups, but can also be used in extreme closequarters combat. The RM68 is a variable assault rifle with an integrated silencer and counterweight for increased stability and recoil control. The lightweight MP AC9 has an ergonomic body for optimal control in fastpaced hipfire battles. The new LMG RPT31 has a low rate of fire, powerful projectiles, high projectile velocity and a unique folding scope extension. In addition to these weapons, the Gadget SPH Explosive Launcher has explosive charges that stick to players, objects, and vehicles, making them the perfect instrument of destruction and an ideal antiinfantry weapon.

Players will soon be able to pilot CAV fighters in tight spaces and protect soldiers in the new vehicle. It serves as a team spawner that allies can spawn next to even when it is full. This agile infantry fighting vehicle features active threat detection and a melee defense system that throws grenades in all directions to engage infantry at close range.

With the current class system update, players can further define their roles based on the division of Specialists into four classic and wellknown classes: Assault, Engineer, Recon, and Support. The class system redefines the equipment that specialists have access to, making their role more structured and recognizable to players. As the season progresses, a remastered version of the Discarded map awaits players with improved line of sight and visibility, diverse cover for improved infantry combat, better checkpoints, new areas of the map, and more. More details about the revision will follow in the next development update.

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