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Another Fisherman’s Tale introduced for PS VR2


Vertigo Games Announces Another fishing story for PlayStation VR2. As the name suggests, this is the successor to A fisherman’s tale from 2019.

The press release contains additional information:

In this 56 hour nextgen VR adventure, players take on the role of Nina, the daughter of the original game’s protagonist, as she uncovers models, notes, and photos that reveal her father’s mysterious past and her own childhood. document. Recalling Bob’s grandiose tales of pirates, sunken ships, treasures and mystical places, Nina begins to reenact his adventures, plunging headfirst into an imaginative world of memories and imagination. Will she be able to separate fact from fiction and discover the hidden truth behind the fisherman’s story?

Another fishing story completely reinvents the game mechanics of its predecessor and imagines a world where you are the puzzle:

  • DISCONNECT limbs and hands from your body and physically control them from a distance. Throw Bob’s hand over a ravine and make them crawl to retrieve an item or launch your head for a different perspective.
  • REPLACE all your limbs with different items to unlock new abilities. A pirate’s hooked hands can help you climb walls, a crab’s claw can cut a rope, and a fish’s tail improves your swimming skills.
  • CONTROL your environment with your puppeteer hands, pick up removed objects, items and tools and interact with each level’s unique layout.

As for the challenge, the success of A fisherman’s tale explains Innerspace VR creative director Balthazar Auxietre that the aim was to “enhance the gameplay and storytelling [des ersten Spiels] to innovate while preserving the key elements of a universe that has clearly reached the heart of VR gamers.” He adds that the studio’s recent experience has allowed them to bring “a new level of ambition to the A fisherman’s taleFranchise to follow thanks to the versatile gameplay and the variety of worlds of the models. Everything is ready for a new adventure that will take us across the virtual oceans”.

Game Director Alexis Moroz also confirms the relationship between the body manipulation gameplay of Another fishing story and the Greek myth of the boat of Theseus, which represents a ship in which all parts are gradually replaced. After a while, the boat no longer contains any of its original parts, which begs the question: is it the same boat or a different one? “This thought is essential to human life,” says Moroz. “All our body cells are renewed after 15 years and we also develop our mind and soul with new experiences and new layers of knowledge that build on the previous ones. Does that mean we’re really becoming a different person?”

Another fishing story is the continuation of A fisherman’s taleWinner of “Best VR Game of the Year” at AIXR 2019, “Best Interactive Content” and “Best Immersive Work” at Munich Virtual Worlds 2019, “Best XR Experience for the Gaming Industry” at Virtuality 2019, “Best Interactive VR Project” at the Lumiere Awards 2019 and ‘Best Story & Storytelling’ at Game Connection America 2019. Another fishing story Set in a series of magical worlds, it promises a new, immersive journey that wonders what it means to build and recreate through time and space.

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