Game Trailers: Like a dragon: Ishin! Launch trailer for the samurai epic

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Sega also presents the launch trailer Like a dragon: Ishin!. This puts us in the mood for the samurai epic with atmospheric sequences.

For more information see the press release:

In this historical adventure set in 1860s Kyoto, a samurai changes the course of history on his quest for justice. As Sakamoto Ryoma, grab your sword and head to Kyoto to find your father’s killer. At the same time you try to prove your own innocence and restore your honor. These events ended the samurai era and forever changed the future of Japan.

Like a dragon: Ishin! comes with the following features:

  • Overwhelming action and variety of weapons: Experience gripping combat with a combination of firearms and swords from the feudal era, in which you can choose from four fighting styles: Swordsman, Gunslinger, Free Dancer and Street Fighter. A wide variety of different weapons represent the historic transition between classic swordsmanship and modern warfare. By training and improving your skills, you can unlock even more powerful skills.
  • Soldier Cards: Players can collect and level up Soldier Cards to gain temporary powerups or special abilities, such as new attacks or stat boosts. Guest stars such as wrestling icon Kenny Omega, actor Rahul Kohli and many more have guest appearances in the game through these cards. All soldier cards from these guest appearances are available as free downloadable content on all platforms worldwide.
  • Historical samurai epic: An optional ingame glossary provides historical context for the people, places and events you play in Like a dragon: Ishin! can find.
  • Old meets new: Like a dragon: Ishin! adds localization, brand new content, overhauled highquality graphics, and enhanced features for modern platforms in Unreal Engine 4 to its 2014 Japanexclusive predecessor.

Like a dragon: Ishin! is available since yesterday for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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