The Designer of the Sonic Video Game has Hinted at The Possibility of a 2D Sonic Game

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Sonic the Hedgehog fans are going crazy over a tweet from game designer Morio Kishimoto. In response to a fan query on the social media site, Kishimoto hinted that new 2D Sonic games are coming from Sega.

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Once more, the fan inquired whether the Sonic team would collaborate with the Japanese studio Dimps, which created Sonic the Hedgehog 4. At that point, Kishimoto clarified that the game was a fully developed Sonic game and that more games were coming.

Please look forward to them, Kishimoto added, adding that side-scrolling Sonic games are available in addition to 3D Sonic games.

He didn’t explicitly state that a new 2D Sonic game was in the works, but his response strongly hinted at it.

Naturally, Sonic Mania was the most recent 2D Sonic game. When Sonic Mania was released in 2017, it received much praise for maintaining the spirit of the original Sonic games while advancing the series.

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With its November release, Sonic Frontiers, the newest Sonic game, has succeeded commercially. Sales of the game were so much higher than anticipated that it was possible to add new features to the sequel. Later this year, three DLC packs are planned for that game. All of them will be free, including the one that gives the game new characters and a new plot.

Are you anticipating a potential new 2D Sonic game?

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