The Creators of Atomic Heart are Trying to Backtrack to Correct Some Mistakes They Made

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Atomic Heart has had a difficult few days since its release this week. The game’s underwhelming reception revealed many problems with the Soviet-focused title. Atomic Heart is, at the very least, having a difficult time, from an unreliable experience on some platforms to racist images throughout the game.

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With the inclusion of racist imagery in one scene, the game’s developer, Mundfish, has since issued an official apology and pledged to remove it.

Thus, the work starts.

Massive patches that fixed certain flaws were published in the days after Atomic Heart’s release. One of the first features of the introduction that infuriated fans was this, especially because the update on some systems was as large as 67 GB.

But, the dispute didn’t end there; rather, it grew worse. For instance, it was made public shortly after the game’s release that the Ukrainian government intended to petition Valve, Sony, and Microsoft to impose restrictions on the game’s domestic digital sales due to the way it romanticizes the Soviet Union.

The use of racist, antiquated iconography in one specific scene has now been addressed in more detail by Mundfish. It’s a clip from a Russian cartoon from the 1960s that was like Tom and Jerry in the USSR. But, it immediately struck a nerve with admirers all across the world.

After the offensive video, Mundfish apologized and issued the following statement, which IGN captured:

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The Mundfish team appreciates the PC Gamer contributor for calling our notice to this lack of tact. If using the old animation or music offended or offended anyone, we apologize. The disputed passages will be edited.

It’s reasonable to say that Atomic Heart’s prospects could be better, given the problems and unimpressive reviews that have caused its Metacritic scores to hover around 70%. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and features robot-slaying gameplay.

Unfortunately, Atomic Heart doesn’t feel distinctive enough to be a success. Atomic Heart was made using parts taken from numerous video games. Through cliché, terrible voice acting, and some complex, unmanageable components, it becomes a very painful experience overall from the opening scenes.

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