DIY Phone Repair: Nokia Introduces Self-Fixable Smartphone

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Nokia has launched a new smartphone that users can fix themselves.

Developed by the Finnish manufacturer HMD Global, the Nokia G22 is a standard smartphone with a 6.5-inch screen and a 50-megapixel main camera. But the phone’s outer cover and internal parts are what make it special. Your phone includes a recyclable plastic cradle that can be easily removed to replace broken components.

The phone also comes with tools and repair guides from iFixit, as the user can remove and replace the phone’s back cover, battery, screen and charging port, according to CNBC and Al reviewed it .

For his part, Adam Ferguson, Head of Product Marketing at ‘HMD Global’ said that this process will cost on average 30% less than replacing an old phone with a new one.

Smartphone companies are making phones last longer under pressure from regulators to make electronic devices more sustainable.

European Parliament lawmakers are also calling for legislation obliging manufacturers to give users the “right to repair”.

The European Commission’s new green transition plan also aims to make the bloc a so-called circular economy by 2050, making it able to reuse, repair, reuse or recycle almost any material asset to reduce waste.

This comes after repairing phones, in particular, has become more complicated due to tightly sealing the battery and other components with glue.

For its part, Apple, long reluctant to change its repair policies, decided in November 2021 to launch a self-service repair program that allows customers to buy replacement parts to fix their devices.

In December, the iPhone maker expanded this program to eight European countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

“As consumers increasingly demand durable and long-lasting devices, the ability to repair smartphones easily and affordably will become a key differentiator in the market,” said Ben Wood, senior analyst at CCS Insight.

The release of the Nokia “G22” phone is scheduled to start in the UK on March 8, priced at £149.99 ($179.19). Replaceable parts can be purchased individually from iFixit. The battery costs £22.99; It costs £44.99 for the screen and £18.99 for the charging port.

Nokia, which once controlled more than two-thirds of the global mobile phone market, sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft for €5.4 billion ($5.8 billion) in 2014. The unit was later bought by HMD, who formed. Finland, for 350 million dollars.

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