Motorola Unveils Smartphone with Vertical Expandable Display

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Motorola has introduced a new concept about a new smartphone whose screen can be extended by swiping up.

It is expected to display the phone, at the ‘Mobile World Congress’ technology conference in Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​that it has a flexible 5-inch screen that extends to 6.5 inches when pushed up .

In its new phone, “Motular” is banking on the idea of ​​providing a large multitasking screen that allows for greater productivity, with the ease of putting it in your pocket, according to “CNBC” and viewed by “Al”.

But the phone won’t be available for purchase anytime soon, as it’s still in a development stage and the company hasn’t disclosed its expected price.

And Motorola is no longer the major player in the mobile industry as it once was: The company shipped 51 million units in 2021, according to German data firm Statista.

The design at least shows innovation in a market that has struggled to find new features to excite consumers.

Companies hope to change that with new form factors, like foldable displays.

“Motorola is emphasizing continuous innovation with flexible display technology with a large number of products testing a wide variety of form factors,” said Ben Wood, senior analyst at CCS Insight.

The device comes at a time when smartphone makers are complaining.

Last year, the industry saw an 11.3% drop in sales as consumers tightened their belts, exacerbating the ongoing trend of people holding onto their phones longer as major players ramp up upgrades.

Motorola owner Lenovo also unveiled a foldable laptop at this week’s conference. Like a phone, your laptop slowly rises to portrait so you can see multiple web pages or open several apps on one screen.

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