Update On The Release Date Of Aew Fight Forever: What Is The Most Recent News?

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Wrestling enthusiasts were surprised to find out that Best Buy has recently revised the release date for AEW Fight Forever. The game’s product page on the website now shows a new release date set for Friday, March 31.


Insider Gaming has learned from various sources that the date is likely just a temporary date and not finalized. An exact release date has not been confirmed yet. Furthermore, according to an insider, none of the companies involved have informed their public relations departments about a release date yet. If the release was set for just over a month away, all parties would have received the information by now.

As of the publication date, Best Buy was the only retailer listing the game with a release date of March 31.

THQ Nordic was slated to be present at the upcoming PAX East event. However, it is now speculated that AEW Fight Forever will not have a presence at the event, which is scheduled from March 23 to March 26. Despite the unlikelihood of the game being showcased or playable at the event, there may be some information shared.

While release schedules can be subject to change, an individual familiar with the game mentioned that they would be “extremely surprised” if the game didn’t have a presence at an event a week prior. While a sudden release is a possibility, marketing and public relations teams are usually informed well in advance of such events.


All signs indicate that AEW Fight Forever will likely be released in the first half of 2023 and is still expected to launch this year. The game will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Will Washington of Fightful reported that AEW talent had recently filmed promotional material for the game. Typically, this suggests that a release is on the horizon.

Are you eagerly anticipating the release of AEW Fight Forever or feeling cautious about it?

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