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Update On The Release Date Of Aew Fight Forever: What Is The Most Recent News?


Wrestling fans were shocked to discover that Best Buy has updated the release date for AEW Fight Forever over the weekend. The game’s store website indicated its new release date was Friday, March 31.

Insider Gaming has gathered from numerous sources that the date is “most likely” only a placeholder. There is no precise release date yet. Even worse, according to one insider, a release date had yet to be communicated to the PR departments of any of the companies involved. Parties would have been informed by now if it were scheduled for release in a little more than a month.

Best Buy was the sole retailer offering the game at the time of publication, with a release date of March 31.

THQ Nordic is scheduled to attend the following significant event: PAX East. But now, it’s thought that AEW Fight Forever won’t attend the exhibition, which takes place from March 23 to March 26. Although the game is unlikely to be playable or visible on the show floor, some information may be disclosed.

The release schedule might always alter, but a person knowledgeable about the game said they would “be more than stunned” if it didn’t appear at an event a week beforehand. A shadow drop is always a possibility, but once more, marketing and PR teams are typically made aware of those preparations well in advance.

All indications point to the first half of 2023 for the release of AEW Fight Forever, which is still expected to happen this year. The PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will all be able to play the game.

Will Washington of Fightful claim that AEW talent had recently shot some game advertising material? When it occurs, it typically warns that a launch is approaching.

Are you anticipating the release of AEW Fight Forever with elation or trepidation?

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