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Advanced Technologies for Training, Education, and Services: Al-Dosari

Engineer Muhammad Al-Dosari, Regional Director, Robotics Department of Proven Solutions, said while attending the international technical conference “LEAP 2023”, that Proven Solutions is Saudi Arabia specialized in providing technical solutions related to artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality solutions and augmented reality.

Al-Dosari explained that Proven Solutions presented its strategy and technical solutions at the international technical conference “LEAP 2023”, which are in line with the company’s regional efforts to benefit from innovation-based technologies. Visitors to the event were also shown his full range of bots, including Pepper, Naw, Timmy, Double 3, Bella Bot and Kitty Bot, as he promoted his PRoMS bot management platform. Visitors also have the opportunity to interact with the two robots, Pepper and Timmy, who are connected to the latest ChatGPT software, as Proven Realty showcases its advanced technology solutions in healthcare engineering, construction and education, noting that they use the Habot chatbot, which stands out from the rest because it requires no programming – This allows customers to build and deploy their own chatbots in two languages. For the second year at Leap events, Aemaco returns to present its advanced hardware and software solutions for climate monitoring and control, designed for government bodies, schools and hotels in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

And they aim to develop the way people live and work. One of the core principles of Vision 2030 is to diversify from an oil-based to a knowledge-based economy and improve the quality of life of citizens and residents of the Kingdom.

And, “Over the past year, we have seen tremendous progress in the fields of digital transformation in governments, public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Advanced and immersive technologies are considered the basis for training, education and services advanced in Saudi Arabia, to be an integral part of the Kingdom’s transformation in line with its vision for the year 2030. Our participation in Leap 2023 demonstrates our commitment to the Kingdom’s vision and showcases our innovations in the sectors of business, robotics solutions, technologies that achieve immersive experiences and much more. We look forward to showcasing our range of solutions and connecting with decision makers during the event”.

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