GravaStar Introduces Its Brand New Robotic 65W GaN Charger

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The unique speakers from GravaStar are renowned for their designs that resemble those of video games. Even so, the business has just announced the release of the Alpha65 GaN charger to expand into power adapters.

GravaStar Introduces Its Brand New Robotic 65W GaN Charger_

The Alpha65 was designed to resemble robots from old science fiction films rather than your typical power brick. It seems robotic. According to our testing done before the product’s release, the charger is a delightful desktop charging device for individuals who enjoy a little whimsy.

The charger resembles a typical GaN 65W charger in size. It still includes two movable, foldable legs, a power connector on the bottom, and detachable antennae. While it’s not being used for charging, the prongs fold down, and two eyes light up, making it a desktop ornament. The eyes have a dual duty as a charging indication and are red when plugged in.

Even though there are appendages, the charger fits well in a plug socket and doesn’t take up much extra space, thanks to a creative design that keeps the legs at the bottom. The conventional wall outlet’s two sockets are still functional.

GravaStar Introduces Its Brand New Robotic 65W GaN Charg er_

A USB-A port and two USB-C ports are available. Charge rates of 65W are available from the primary USB-C connector, 20W from the second port, and 18W through the USB-A port. While 65W is the limit, only one device needs to be plugged in for a Mac to operate at full capacity. Although 65W is insufficient for Apple’s higher-end 16-inch MacBook Pro, it may still charge the 14-inch model, the MacBook Air, iPads, iPhones, and other devices.

During testing, every port performed flawlessly and supplied the required power. Despite the additional design components, the enclosure maintained its coolness. The Alpha65 is a wonderful pick-up-and-go desktop addition that doubles as decor when not in use and a useful charger when you need one before leaving the house or while at home.

The Alpha65 from GravaStar is available through the GravaStar website for $60. A new Supernova Bluetooth speaker and light source from GravaStar is unveiled today for $180.

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