The Entire Team of Over Two Hundred Quality Assurance Testers for APEX Legends was Laid Off by EA Because of the Zoom Controversy

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Around 200 of EA’s QA testers who worked on Apex Legends at its Baton Rouge facility have been let go, according to Kotaku’s claim and confirmed by sources.

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The Baton Rogue crew has recently been concentrating on Apex Legends, but over the past few years, they have worked on many titles, including Battlefield 2042.

We learned from sources that the entire Baton Rogue division was informed about the closure of the QV/QA division at a “mandatory zoom meeting” this morning. “SITE CLOSED – Please join Zoom Meeting at 8 am CST,” said the email sent to staff.

Many sources claim that Baton Rogue management was only informed of the announcement.

The reason the Apex Legends staff was fired is unknown. However, according to a recent email from Magnit Global, an EA client, the firings were “the result of the decision to terminate manual testing operations at EABR.”

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The layoffs occurred after they Baton Rogue successfully trained testers based in the UK and Romania, according to one source who wishes to remain anonymous since they are not permitted to speak to the press. This source also said that it was probably done to save money.

We have heard multiple allegations that EA has been sending out job applications for EA Playtesting posts despite the layoffs just taking place.

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