Engineer Ejected from Twitter HQ After Weeks-Long Occupation in Place of Elon Musk

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It appears that the man who has had the upper hand in filtering the names of some Twitter employees to put them on the deportation list may replace controversial billionaire Elon Musk as director of the giant Twitter company.

These at least the rumors circulating among the employees of “Blue Bird”, as reported by the site of “The Information”.

So what do we know about Steve Davis?

Perhaps the first thing that apparently shocked employees at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters in the first weeks of Musk’s takeover of the famed company was that they spent several weeks as a deputy in his office at the company’s headquarters to complete the tasks assigned to him. , which were many with the controversial new owner. .

Davis, who has worked with Musk in his various companies since 2003, also had the upper hand in implementing the policy of “laying employees and reducing their number” adopted by the American billionaire.

He helped with the latest round of layoffs, affecting 200 employees.

Additionally, when asked to cut about $500 million in Twitter operating costs, the dedicated man cut about $1 billion by terminating some contracts with outside companies and negotiating others.

Interestingly, Davis became CEO of tunneling company Hyperloop which Musk also owned in 2019, before becoming CEO of The Boring Company.

He also worked with Musk at SpaceX.

Musk announced in mid-February that he intends to appoint a director to replace him at the popular Twitter company later this year.

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