Hi-Fi Rush Reaches 2 Million Players and Unlocks Photo Mode

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Hi-Fi Rush surpassed 2 million players after launching a few weeks ago, exactly on January 25, 2023, exclusively for Xbox Series X consoles | S and PC. To commemorate this milestone reached by the game, Tango Gameworks has released a new software update that adds a photo mode to the title, among other innovations.

In fact, thanks to this new update, it is now possible to pause the action and place Chai and his allies in order to then change the scene with a large number of frames, filters and camera effects, allowing fans to create the perfect look!

In addition to adding a photo mode, with this new update, the Japanese development team has also addressed some of the issues players are experiencing in Hi-Fi Rush. Among them, we give, for example, the famous “UE4 Fatal Error” caused by a certain shader setting, or another one that could cause the game to crash during the fight with WA-ES-2 (Samurai Chef) on track 10.

With the new Xbox exclusive patch, it also fixed an issue where progress could be blocked on platform 10 when purchasing items from the store, after answering Roquefort’s call, exiting the level, and reloading the level. If you want to know the full changelog of the new update, you can find it here.

After the news of the day was deleted, Shinji Mikami recently left Tanto Gameworks.

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