Recruitment Driven by Coalition for Gears of War Game’s Development Team

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The Coalition is trying to expand the crew and is accelerating the production of Gears of War.

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The first-party studio seeks to “create the future of the IP and push the limits of Microsoft’s entertainment platforms and devices,” according to a recent job posting on Microsoft’s careers website.

According to the job posting, The Coalition seeks people with experience in many fields.

“We are recruiting for people with experience in Character, Camera, and Controls (3Cs), or artificial intelligence (AI) systems,” the posting adds.

“You have experience leading large-scale features from early design through refinement and completion,” it reads. Through cross-disciplinary cooperation, you will promote the realization of your design.

The fact that the role being sought is for the upcoming Gears of War game needs to be stated explicitly. However, given that the Gears of War franchise has yet to launch on the Xbox Series X|S officially, it might be presumed that work is still being done on Gears of War 6.

Gears 5, the series’ most recent title, debuted for Xbox One in 2019. Nevertheless, after the newest consoles came in 2020, it was optimized for them.

According to previous statements by The Coalition in 2021, the upcoming franchise entry would likely be developed under Unreal Engine 5.

Are you anticipating Gears of War’s future?

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