The Last of Us Series Leftovers: Victim of Negative Reviews Despite Being Considered Awake

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The seventh episode of the television series The Last of Us, appropriately titled “Left Behind”, was released on Sunday evening as it follows the story told in a standalone video game add-on of the same name. Love. The episode has since received a number of negative reviews on Metacritic and other sites criticizing its “awakened” themes.

Although the overall rating of the series has remained above a satisfactory 6.4, and some of the negative feedback allows you to start a discussion about what was expected from the series and what is not, many use overtly aggressive tones.

If users like Mcgreen_21 criticize the story’s focus on “meaningless gay love stories avoiding everything interesting in the world like zombies, government and crows” while emphasizing the homosexual side of the relationship rather than the relationship itself, other users were much more outspoken. in their criticism, if we are to define them in this way.

On Metacritic, you can read comments like “It was promising at first, but I had to give up all this crap woke up. Talk about the apocalypse, there shouldn’t be things that carry the LGBTQ agenda and evoke justice. […] I don’t even dare to buy the TLOU remake on PS5. I’m sure they put in some gay fisting scenes along with the pride parade. Fuck that shit.”

Or “You promised a post-apocalyptic series, but in the end 2 out of 7 episodes are full of romance. Why are you forcing these awakened stories? How do they inform us about the choices the characters make? NO!”

For those who are unaware of this, the term woke up is commonly used as a derogatory term, synonymous with “politically correct”, referring to the “LGBTQ+ agenda/program” that some feel is being forcibly inserted into many media outlets lately.

These are just a few examples, but they give us an idea of ​​the style of comments that can be found on Metacritic since Sunday and on the web in general. The users in question seem to be forgetting that both same-sex relationships being criticized were already canon, first in the main game (Episode 3) and then in the expansion (Episode 7).

It’s also true that, in the end, the comments shouldn’t be too surprising, given that since Left Behind (DLC, not the episode), the retcon has been pointed with the finger when it wasn’t. without specifying Ellie’s sexuality in the main game.

This isn’t the first time The Last of Us franchise has been heavily and aggressively criticized for certain storytelling choices, just consider the fact that whoever gave Abby’s face in Part 2 is still getting threats from “fans”.

In anticipation of the next episode of the series and our comments on Left Behind (a release, not a DLC), we invite you to read our review of The Last of Us Part I remake, which, we assure you, is not a nod to gay fisting or gay parades.

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