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Faraway Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

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There are no age restrictions when it comes to love because people can fall in love at any time, whether young or old. Many people, however, are unaware that nothing is more significant than what makes you happy and peaceful at the end of the day. That is precisely the message the upcoming German romantic comedy Faraway from Netflix hopes to convey to fans everywhere.

You might require this multilingual rom-com starring Naomi Krauss to give you a new outlook on life this year. English, German, Croatian, and Turkish are just a few languages in the movie that will be available. Netflix has released the official trailer for the movie and given how expertly it was made, it has the potential to be one of the best films of 2023. Here is what we know about the upcoming German romantic comedy Faraway.


  • Naomi Krauss as Zeynep Altin
  • Goran Bogdan as Josip Cega
  • Adnan Maral as Ilyas Altin
  • Bahar Balci as Fia Altin
  • Artjom Gilz as Conrad
  • Davor Tomic as Drazen Cega

What is the Release Date of Faraway?

Faraway will be released on March 8th rather than Valentine’s Day, as we previously stated, even if it sounds ideal for the occasion. Hence, there will be little time for the upcoming film.

Suppose you still need to renew your Netflix subscription. In that case, this is the ideal opportunity because Faraway will only be accessible to stream on that service.

Who is the Director of Faraway?

Vanessa Jopp is a German film, Director. Before 1993, Vanessa Jopp completed three semesters of economics coursework at the Munich University of Television and Cinema. The Work One Night Suicide and Café Real Romance emerged at that time.

Forget America (2000), Franziska Petri, Marek Harloff, Roman Knika, and Engel & Joe (2001), starring Robert Stadlober and Jana Pallaske, were the films that made Jopp most famous. The Film Honolulu, which I co-directed with Florian Gallenberger and other young directors, was established in 2001. Jopp collaborated with Marek Harloff to stage the crime scene for The Black Troll thriller. 2006’s Berlinale: delivery of your Drama Meret Becker, Stefanie Stappenbeck, and Marek Harloff invite you to become closer. Two people nominated the movie for a German film award.

Faraway | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is the Plot of Faraway?

Based on the Netflix trailer, here is our analysis of the plot. Zeynep Altin (Naomi Krauss), the film’s main character, has had a tough time due to her many duties at work and home. She’s been working too hard for her family’s future. Still, her husband’s irresponsibility, their ungrateful daughter, and her aged father are always pushing her around. Zeynep’s mother passed away, and she was unable to do anything to help her while she was still alive. To make matters worse, her other relatives have been cruel to her throughout her life.

Zeynep’s mother secretly purchased a home on the Croatian island and left it to her beloved daughter as part of her estate plan. Amid an existential crisis, Zeynep chooses to do the one thing that might at least bring her peace: leave her stressful existence behind to get the ultimate present her mother had in mind. Zeynep appears to have finally found tranquility, but when she gets to the house on the island, she learns that Josip, a lovely man, is living there. Might this encounter, in ways, she had never imagined, alter her life forever?

Netflix’s official summary is as follows, though we went into more detail about the plot based on the trailer.

Zeynep Altin, played by Naomi Krauss, is reaching her limit. Her aging father, daughter, and husband put too much pressure on her, and she is overworked. The final straw for Zeynep was her mother’s death and the funeral, which almost resulted in total tragedy. Zeynep fled Munich and made her way to an island in Croatia. She hopes to find peace, independence, and herself in the home her mother bought covertly years ago and left to her in her will. If only the previous owner, Josip, who is a true islander, wasn’t still residing there.

The major focus of Faraway is romance, with a little real drama and comedy thrown in for good measure. Or, to put it another way, it’s all about rediscovering who you are, who makes your life valuable, and falling in love with them all over again.

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