Is the rumored Xbox Series S resembling a toaster a hoax or a fact?

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The Xbox Series S is the toaster in a new leak that seems to herald another curious drift from Microsoft in the home appliance world. After the Xbox Series X mini fridge, it’s now the turn of the Xbox Series S toaster.

It all comes from an image posted on Twitter that shows the new product and its specifications in detail. The information sheet is really well made, and there is no reason to believe that it was made as a forgery, even if anyone can imitate plausible documents these days. However, even in this case, it cannot be ruled out that Microsoft will decide to continue working on the project.

Moving on to the specifics, the Xbox Series S toaster will have 800W of power with two bread slots, six temperature levels and three cooking modes, as well as a crumb catcher. The price should be around $60, even if a release date, real or supposed, has not yet been announced.

While waiting to find out the truth about this product, we may start to wonder if it would go well with the rest of the appliances in our kitchen!

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