Steam is Giving out Free Copies of Popular MMO for a Limited Time

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Popular MMOs often purchased to maintain on Steam may be permanently claimed for nothing. Nevertheless, the offer is only valid for a short period of time.

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Popular MMO Black Desert Online is free on Steam for a limited time. Black Desert Online is already a free-to-play game in various regions of the world. Unfortunately, all of the English-language game versions are typically pay-to-play.

The community of Black Desert Online has been well-maintained by developer Pearl Abyss since the game’s initial release in 2014. Black Desert Online is one of the rare MMOs that has succeeded in surviving and flourishing. Too many MMOs enter the market with lofty goals but only last a few years. Although Black Desert Online first received mixed reviews, Pearl Abyss has remained committed to the title. It continues to draw hundreds of thousands of daily active players. With backward compatibility on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S assuring gamers can still play well into the current generation, Black Desert Online’s debut on the PS4 and Xbox One in 2019 has also helped the game reach a new audience.

With formal notification, the free-to-keep price dropped to $0 on Steam on March 9. The game typically costs $9.99 and doesn’t require a monthly membership, in contrast to many MMOs. Black Desert Online’s DLC packs are also available at a tremendous 70% discount as part of the campaign, making this the ideal time for players to immerse themselves in Pearl Abyss’ gigantic MMO. Previously, Black Desert Online could be downloaded for nothing via Prime Gaming, but this promotion has long since ended.


Even though the game is still live, this change should significantly increase the number of new players. Players may be more inclined to spend money in Black Desert Online’s Pearl Store, which allows them to bypass some grinds without paying for the game. A feature like this can be found in many MMOs. It might be simpler for gamers to swallow this time if they don’t have to pay an entrance or subscription fee.

Although Black Desert Online appears to be active, it is difficult to predict its long-term viability. Most of Pearl Abyss’ development resources have been diverted to creating the Crimson Desert. Yet there has been a while since there has been much news regarding the book. Yet, as long as Black Desert Online has a strong player base, it’s hard to imagine Pearl Abyss ceasing support for the game, even if Crimson Desert is a big success. Crimson Desert’s release is predicted for late 2023, so only time will tell.

Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC users can access Black Desert Online.

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