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FTC’s Lina Khan Loses Trust in Microsoft X Activision Blizzard Deal


Lina Khan is going through her toughest times since she was sworn in as chair of the FTC in mid-2021, and as a result, Microsoft is looking to acquire Activision Blizzard soon.

In fact, the woman who soon earned the title of antitrust sheriff by vowing that she would curb Big Tech’s uncontrolled expansion is under fire from almost every quarter. Particularly since Google’s victory in the Within takeover litigation, which left Khan in a dire quandary that caused her to lose her credibility as a regulator of the US market, according to a former FTC official.

Indeed, 18 months after taking office, the U.S. antitrust chairman is going through decidedly unfortunate times when Daniel Kaufman, who ended a 23-year career with the agency in October, took over as interim director of the Consumer Protection Bureau, who said Lina Khan does not understand what she can realistically achieve from the law, guided solely by her inflexible ideologies.

And it is precisely because of this gap between reality and expectations that a woman is facing major bankruptcies one after another, as happened precisely in the lawsuit with Google over the acquisition of Within, and as could happen in the weeks after Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. Blizzard.

Kaufman stated the following:

“Khan made a number of mistakes when he became president. She did not interact with the staff and appointed people to key positions who worked with Commissioner Rohit Chopra, with whom she interned. Most of the new FTC chairs appoint outsiders. After losing to the Meta, Lina Khan’s ability to rein in Big Tech with the help of the FTC was called into question. There is a huge gap between the expectations of what he can achieve and what the law actually allows him to do.”

Regarding Lena Khan’s credibility at the FTC, former U.S. Market Surveillance Commissioner Christine Wilson announced she would be resigning in a scathing op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, saying she was “concerned about the honesty and integrity of Ms. Khan and her FTC leadership.” “

Wilson also cited the annual opinion poll of federal employees, which stated the following:

“In 2020, the last year since Trump’s appointment, 87 percent of FTC employees surveyed agreed that high-ranking agency officials hold high standards of honesty and integrity. Today this share is 49%.

In the coming weeks, we’ll see if Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard will ease Lena Khan’s difficult period at the FTC, even ending with an investigation into arbitrariness and abuse of power.

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