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Tired of Endless WhatsApp Messages from Groups? Try this Hassle-Free Solution!

Who among us does not find himself forced to read dozens or even hundreds of WhatsApp messages within work groups, friends or family, resulting in inconvenience, tiredness and loss of time on many occasions, not to mention the distraction of concentration?

And who among us hasn’t repeatedly thought about withdrawing from it, but finds it embarrassing, especially when the user follows the traditional method of exiting WhatsApp groups, as it gives others a notice that he has left the group, which it could lead him to be embarrassed.

The traditional method detecting the deceased is known to be based on the following steps:

For the user to swipe through the group from the right, then click on the word (More) or other, a list of commands will appear, all in blue, and the last option Leave Group will be in red, and when the The last option will bring up another window asking the user if it is safe to leave the group.

After leaving, everyone will see a note that the owner of this or that number has left the group.

So far the matter is known and nothing new, the novelty is that the instant communication application has recently started to activate the “silent start” function, according to what was reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, which means that users now they can leave the groups without the application sending a notification. For the rest of the users regarding this step.

But this method must first update the “WhatsApp” application, and only when this step is fulfilled, during departure you will see a note that only administrators of the group will be notified of your departure.

Wait, one could say now that the embarrassment lies with the moderators of the group, and perhaps they are the most important link, so what should be done?

Don’t worry, as it has become possible for users to leave the group without the administrators noticing by disabling the service (Read receipts) from the “Privacy” menu in the settings.

This means your contacts won’t know if you’ve seen their message.

To avoid embarrassing groups from their origin, you can go to the (Groups) or groups option in “Privacy”, where you will see a note (Who can add me to groups: anyone, contacts, contacts except and add unwanted names), then you can choose between them what you like.

What do you think now, which of the two methods will you take?

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