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How Only One Engineer Crippled Twitter… and a Weird Musk Video


Over the past few hours, the Twitter platform has suffered a malfunction, the details of which are unknown until now. During the outage, users attempting to click links received a message stating “Your API plan does not include access to this endpoint.”

While the company was content to say that the malfunctions detected by some users around the world were caused by an internal modification made by the famous communication platform, which led to unintended consequences.

What is this change?

He didn’t explain what the change was, but an employee within the company explained that the intended change is part of a project to shut down free access to Twitter’s API, Platformer revealed.

He also explained that Twitter announced on Feb. 1 that it would stop free access to the company’s application programming, which severely limited the ability of outside researchers to study the network.

And he added, explaining that the famous Twitter platform, acquired by the American billionaire Elon Musk last October, was working on the creation of a new paid API for developers to work with.

Bad change

But due to Musk’s cost-cutting and labor-saving policy since day one of his purchase of ‘Blue Bird’, only one engineer has been assigned to the project.

Yesterday, this engineer made an “apparently bad” change that broke programming in the Twitter app, according to the current employee.

Before the rest of the programmers and engineers involved in the company rush to restore that “madness”!

An API is the software that Twitter makes available to third-party developers to make their own changes to the platform via a set of definitions and protocols.

Weird video

On the other hand, the owner of Twitter, the controversial man, was content to share with his Twitter followers a video of the animated film “Madagascar 2”, which shows a group of animals gathered on a plane whose engine broke!

And added, in a tweet on Tuesday, “This helpful video explains what happened on Twitter today!” without adding anything else.

Thousands of users from all over the world reported yesterday that they are unable to open links to external websites.

While the company’s technical department account explained in a tweet that “some Twitter features may not work as expected at the moment”, indicating that this is due to an “unintentional defect” caused by a platform update.

The glitch, which was resolved in less than an hour, came as the company was trying to stabilize after a string of layoffs that saw more than two-thirds of employees leave.

While many experts have confirmed that the platform is now running with a small number of employees, which makes it vulnerable to malfunctions, as well as false information and harmful content.

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