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Sky High: The Series Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

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In recent months, fans of movies and television shows all over the world have shown a great deal of interest in Sky High: The Series. Nearly everyone believed it to be a continuation or a reimagining of the original superhero movie Sky High (2005). When they learned that it was an entirely new series with an entirely new premise, it completely shattered their expectations. Despite this, Spanish crime thrillers have been acknowledged for a long time as an excellent form of entertainment. Some well-known examples of Spanish crime thrillers include The Body, Mirage, and The Invisible Guest.

Hasta el cielo: La serie, the Spanish adaptation of the upcoming crime drama Sky High: The Series, will be titled Hasta el cielo: La serie in its native language. The film Sky High, scheduled for release in 2020, will inspire the television series, which stars renowned actors such as Luis Tosar, Asia Ortega, and Alvaro Rico. People are interested in learning more about the series because it is one of the originals expected to generate the most buzz for Netflix in 2018. The upcoming Spanish suspense series, Sky High: The Series, is discussed here, along with everything we know about it.


  • Luis Tosar as Rogelio
  • Richard Holmes as Poli
  • Álvaro Rico as Fernan
  • Asia Ortega as Sole
  • Fernando Cayo as Duque
  • Patricia Vico as Mercedes
  • Tomás del Estal
  • Ayax Pedrosa as Motos
  • Dollar Selmouni as Gitano
  • Jarfaiter as Toño
  • Alana La Hija del Jeque as Rosa
  • Alejandro Marzal as Antonio
  • Carmen Sánchez as Marta
  • Marcos Zan as Traductor jefe mafia china
  • Laura Rozalén

What is the Release Date of Sky High: The Series?

Sky High: The Series, yet another spine-chilling activity program on Netflix, will start airing on a certain date. It is a continuation of the Spanish version of the equivalent thrill ride film from the year 2020. On March 17, 2023, Sky High: The Series, the sequel to the film released in 2020 under the same name, will be available on Netflix.

Who is the Director of Sky High: The Series?

Mike Mitchell is a well-known name in the film industry in the United States, having served as a director, writer, producer, actor, and animator. The movies “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,” “Surviving Christmas,” “Sky High,” “Shrek Forever After,” “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked,” “Trolls,” and “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” were all directed by him.

Sky High: The Series | Date announcement | Netflix

Sky High: The Series | Official trailer | Netflix

What is the Plot of Sky High: The Series?

Although the thrilling trailer, from which we extrapolated the storyline, does not reveal a great deal about the series, here is the official synopsis provided by Netflix:

A phone call in the wee hours of the morning will alter the path that life will take for Sole: ngel, her husband and the leader of a gang of gangsters, passed away; she became a young widow overnight; and although she has a son to take care of and many troubled businesses to run, Sole is not willing to return to the tutelage of her father Rogelio, one of the largest dealers of stolen objects in Madrid. Sole will meet new allies along the way who will assist her in solving the mystery of the deaths that have been foretold to be a part of her destiny as she moves forward with her plan to fend for herself financially. On the other hand, she gets in touch with the band of thieves and can earn their trust, which paves the way for her to resume carrying out heists just as daring as the ones she used to pull in the past. However, neither the authorities nor the various mafias she will have to contend with will be willing to make it simple for her to reach heaven.

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